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Adam Period (1770 - 1785)

Robert Adam 1728-92

Robert Adam was both an architect of buildings and a designer of their interiors and furnishings. Although he trained as an architect with his father in Scotland, after four years travel in Italy, he set up business in London in 1758. He was greatly influenced by the classical buildings he saw in Italy and imitated the designs and decorations used by the Romans. This resulted in a move away from the elaborate Rococo, Chinese and Gothic styles fashionable in the middle decades of the 18th century, towards a less fussy Neoclassical style. During this period classical lines were embellished with typical motifs: swags, urns and paterae which were incorporated into furniture, mirrors, fabrics and room designs. Adam designed great houses for some of the foremost aristocracy of his day. Some of his best examples in architecture and furnishings can be found at Osterley, Syon House and Kedleston hall.

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