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The hallway of the house is often ignored when it comes to home decoration, treated as an afterthought, despite the fact that it has the all-important function of connecting together the rooms in the house.

Apart from this, however, it lacks function brought about by furniture and decoration, which it can easily accommodate. As long as you stick to the simple rule of leaving a 4 foot width to walk through, you can easily furnish and decorate your hallway to help it improve your home.

One idea is to turn it into a gallery, adding portraits and artworks alongside decorative items such as mirrors to create a visual point of interest, while the colour of the walls and floors can help to carry a design scheme through the house or, on the other hand, break up the flow of the house by introducing something visually new.

We think that the hallway is a great place to showcase antique furniture, as it will bring an air of sophistication to each room the hallway is connected to as well as the hallway itself. Introducing Chippendale bookcases, an antique armoire or a wooden chest of drawers for instance can add a touch of classic and timeless style as well as helping to give the hallway an all-important function.

Adding a piece of furniture to the hallway means that people will visit the hallway not only to access other rooms but to appreciate the hallway itself, and so a further dimension and personality is brought to your house.

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