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Antiques make wonderful gifts; they demonstrate thoughtfulness, are of high quality and will last the test of time and the changing tastes.

If you have an antique enthusiast amongst your friends and family and you are thinking about gifting them an antique for Christmas, there are a few things to consider, both while you’re browsing and when you make a purchase. You may or may not be passionate about antiques yourselves, so here are a few pointers to take note of during your search for the perfect antique gift!

Relationship with the Dealers

Typically, antique dealers are passionate about their job. It’s not the usual 9-5 to them, rather, it is something they have been living and breathing for several years. During that time, they have obtained a considerable volume of specialist knowledge. Most dealers love nothing more than to share a convocation with people regarding antiques. They can provide trustworthy advice and recommend people and places where you can find exactly what you’re searching for.

Consider the Persons Home

When buying an antique for a loved one for Christmas, it is vital to consider their interior and whether it will work within their home. Think about where they may put the piece and where it would be most practical.

Take Measurements

The last thing you want to discover after gifting someone an antique for Christmas is that it doesn’t fit through their doorway or in the space that it belongs within a home. It’s no use having a regency breakfast table that doesn’t fit in the dining room or a bookcase that is over dominating of a room. If you can, measure the most appropriate space for their piece within their home, as well as the doorways and any narrow corridors. It is also beneficial to do this to ensure you don’t look at any items that ‘just won’t fit’, which will ultimately save you time.


Before making your Christmas gift purchase, try to familiarise yourself with average prices, quality and what to look for when examining a piece. You can gain a considerable amount of knowledge by attending antique fairs, visiting dealers, talking to experts, reading books or conducting research online. This ‘browsing’ may also give you inspiration as to what exactly you’d like to buy for that special someone. If you are still stuck for ideas, take a look at our four Christmas gift ideas for Antique Lovers.

Do you have any tips for beginners that are purchasing antiques as Christmas gifts? We would love to hear your suggestions!

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