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Getting the right chair is important, whether or not you are looking for antique ones, but you have to be more careful and thorough in your search for antique chairs. There are lots of iconic dining chairs to look for, from Chippendale to Regency styles.

Check below for our tips on what to look for when adding to your collection of dining chairs:

Find out the designer: Depending what period you’re looking at, the chair could have been designed by, or based on the style of a particular designer. Make a note of who designed the chairs or what style the design is based on, as this will help with finding a genuine antique or a fake. For collectors, the originality is important.

Wood: Mahogany was the wood used most prominently for 18th and 19th century furniture making. It is durable and will still look attractive after years of use. Though other chair styles and woods come in and out of fashion, mahogany is always a solid choice to go for.

Sit on it: Before even buying an antique dining chair, sit on it; feel how comfortable it is and check how sturdy it is. Check from every angle and look at every detail on the chair. As an antique chair it will be hard-wearing, but you need to be sure it will last longer for your own use.

Condition: If you buy a chair that needs to be restored and repaired then you could be paying double the cost. Go for chairs that are already in a great condition, from the wood to the upholstery.

The use: Always consider what you will be using the chairs for. If you are looking for just a couple chairs to be placed around the house or to be situated around your antique extending dining table, they need to be in a good condition and durable.

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