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A fine quality mid 19th Century oval Micro-mosaic Plaque depicting St Peter’s Square Rome, enclosed in unusual black slate marble frame decorated with shells, scrolls & wolves.


Micromosiacs are a special form of mosiac that uses unusually small mosiac pieces (Tesserae) of glass. In later Italian pieces, an enamel like material was used.  Micromosiacs has been popular since the Renaissance period and were made in Italy.  The centre being Rome and a Vatican Mosiac Studio was established in 1576.  They gained popularity during the period of The Grand Tour, from the 17th to the 19th centuriues.  To finish one's education, senior members of the aristocracy were sent to Europe to enjoy the sights and culture of other countries.  France, Italy and Spain were the most popular.


Grand tour objects depicted landscape views of famous sights like the Colosseum and Saint Peter's Basilica.  Occasionally you could also find Roman mythology subjects in micromosiac.  These popular objects remained in fashion well into the 19th century.  This example epitomises the quality that was available at that time.  They made perfect souvineers to remind you of your travels.

Mid 19th Century Micromosaic Plaque

SKU: 3177
  • Height: 1.5ins (4cm)

    Width: 12ins (31cm)

    Depth: 5.5 ins (14cm)

  • Circa 1840

    19th Century

    Material: Slate Marble

    Country of Origin: Italy

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