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Amboyna at Patrick Sandberg Antiques
Amboyna at Patrick Sandberg Antiques

Often confused with Thuya wood or Burr Walnut, Amboyna is a profusely burred wood that is a part of the Pterocarpus genus, most obtained from the Narra Tree (Pterocarpus indicus), and is native to South-eastern Asia, Northern Australasia, and the Western Pacific Ocean islands. The name Amboyna is derived from the Ambon Islands in Indonesia, where it is believed that this wood was first sourced and exported.
Due to its attractive figuring, Amboyna is a particularly rare and desirable wood for furniture; within a single piece, its figuring can be quite diverse, from tight clusters of burrs to lighter, flowing and rippled areas that appear almost three-dimensional. Amboyna’s colour characteristics can range from a yellowy-honey colour to an almost reddish Mahogany colour.

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