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KCSADA Virtual Summer Showcase:

Glitz and Glamour in Regency England

Friday, 19 June 2020 - Tuesday, 30 June 2020

We at Patrick Sandberg Antiques are proud to present our virtual Summer Showcase ‘Glitz and Glamour in Regency England’.

The Regency period spanned the first quarter of the 19th  century when, due to the illness of king George III, his son, the Prince of Wales, ruled Great Britain as the Prince Regent, before succeeding to the throne on the death of his father in 1820.  Known as the ‘First Gentleman of Europe’ the prince epitomised the taste of the period. 
The glamour of Brighton Pavilion with its taste of the exotic tickled the senses of popular taste.  Beau Brummell who was a friend of the Prince of Wales, was a fashion leader in manners, dress, and sophistication.
Here at Patrick Sandberg Antiques you can taste a sense of the glamorous past that this epoch has on our senses.  You can stumble upon chinoiserie styled bronze and ormolu objects in the form of inkwells, candlesticks, inkstands, and other delectable objects.
Exquisite furniture by celebrated cabinet makers like the chiffonier by John McLean with its superb pierced brass inlay on figured rosewood and luxurious armchairs by the royal cabinet makers, Morel and Hughes and later known as Morel and Seddon. 
These were the favoured cabinet makers of King George IV, Willian IV, and Queen Victoria.
Our virtual showcase  ‘Fit for Royalty’ in Kensington Church Street will certainly bring a slither of Regency glamour to life in 21st century London.

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