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Christmas is just over a month away which means the time to begin thinking about what your friends and family may like for Christmas, and what special item you will be buying them this year, is fast approaching. The nature of people means we all have different passions, interests and things we like; For antique lovers, this is no different. The main difference is, if you’re not as passionate as your loved ones about the charm of antiques, it can be difficult to know where to begin and what to buy them! Our Christmas gift ideas for antique lovers may give you some inspiration as to which item will make the perfect gift for your favourite antique enthusiast.


Wine-coolers and cellarettes were popular during the 18th and 19th century and their function can still be utilised today. Most are wooden, typically mahogany, with detailing added with different woodwork techniques. Wine-coolers and cellarettes can be open or closed topped and are either on a base or elevated with legs. The coolers make the ideal present for friends and family who appreciate a glass or two of something stronger in the evening. Alternatively, the coolers and cellarettes could be used for storage or decoration purposes within the home.

Tea Caddy

For the tea enthusiasts amongst your loved ones, what better way to treat them than gifting them an authentic, antique tea caddy this Christmas? Each one is individual and as elaborate or simple as you may desire. The history of tea drinking, the etiquette and the furniture used is entwined and deep-rooted in England and amongst the British. Fill the caddy with a range of their favourite loose teas and an antique tea strainer for the ultimate tea and antique lovers festive gift. It wasn’t just the tea caddy that was required for afternoons spent drinking tea with acquaintances. For the upper class, a tea set, tea table and tea gown were required. Is that next years’ present sorted too?


Most travellers or jetsetters will appreciate a symbol of the world within their homes, whether this is a painting or an antique globe. As one of the most ancient scientific instruments to be used, an antique globe represents much more than a visual representation of the earth. Each one would have been hand painted, not only for the scientific benefit but also for the beauty. Globes would have been made from wood, metal or papier mache. The skill and craftsmanship required to create such a piece is something that is still celebrated today, so a globe is the perfect present for your globe-trotting antique lovers.


Whether they are good at keeping time or they are always late, a household clock is always a welcome Christmas gift. With so many variations to choose from, it will be easy to find an antique that is well-suited to the person you’re buying it for and their home. Antique clocks come in many shapes and sizes, from bracket, mantel, library to long case and carriage; some are small or large, some are freestanding and others have fixtures. Consider the household interior of the person you are buying the clock for while you are searching, as this will help to ensure you purchase a clock that complements the surroundings it will be placed in and it is more likely to be liked by the owner if it reflects or is like other antique furniture within their home.

Most antique enthusiasts will appreciate and love a well thought out antique Christmas present. While you are shopping, remember to do some research before you buy, to ensure you’re confident in your purchase.

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