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An impressive pair of early 19th Century 2-light Candelabra in the manner of Thomas Hope, in the form of classical ladies with outstretched arms holding circular trays mounted with "basket weave" candleholders. The ladies standing on circular engine-turned platforms, raised on Sienna marble bases. Further Information: The figures are dressed in a peplos, a typical attire for women in Ancient Greece in the Classical Period (500 BC), usually represented in Greek vase painting from the 5th Century BC and in the metopes of temples in the Doric order. A similar design to these figures could be found in Thomas Hope's representation of the goddess Juno from ancient statues in 'Costumes of the Ancients' (p.97) He depicted in his 1809 book 'Costumes of the Ancients' simple and direct versions of Phrygian, Dacian, Ancient Greek and Roman dresses.

A pair of 19th Century 2-light Candelabra in the manner of Thomas Hope.

SKU: 6122
  • Circa: 1820

    Material: Bronze and Marble

    Country of Origin: England

  • Height: 18½'' (46.5 CM)

    Width: 6'' (15 CM)

    Depth: 6'' (15 CM)

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